Woman Paying Alimony to Ex-Husband Who Murdered Her New Husband


In your own experience with Financial Lovemaking, you’re going to find a lot of awkward situations where love and money mix in strange ways. Just be prepared for anything and understand the harsh realities that we might face in longterm relationships. In this particular case, you see a situation where a) jealousy can cause otherwise normal people to engage in very serious, violent behavior that might ultimately destroy or take away the things most valuable to you (i.e. your happiness or new husband) and b) Once you’re married to someone, the financial ties may be harder to break than you might normally expect.

Read this article from iDateDaily.com and think about it carefully. This may never happen to you, at least we hope it doesn’t, but most of us understand the struggles of long-term entanglements. Be careful who you allow into your life, for that person may never want to leave.

Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

A widow asked a judge on Monday to allow her to halt the $500/month alimony payments to her ex-husband, Fred Lee, who allegedly killed her late husband, Mike Sidwell, in July. Lee, 59, is currently confined in a Utah County Jail. He’s set to face aggravated murder charges, among others, according to media reports.

According to court documents dated July 3, Lee told police he’d been searching for his ex-wife Joy Sidwell “to kill her” but shot and killed her current husband upon entering the couple’s home. “My grandson called me and said, ‘Call [Mike] and tell him we saw grandpa [Fred] hiding behind the van.’ But it was too late, he had already been shot. It’s been a nightmare,” Sidwell told a news reporter.

Although Sidwell has filed protective orders and stalking complaints against Lee in 2005 and 2007, she says the issue with alimony payments is an obstacle for her in the legal system. “It should be a simple thing. I shouldn’t even have to go to court to do it,” Sidwell said. “They should just see that.”

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