Woman says Cosby assaulted her for years and paid her college tuition


According to the UK Daily Mail, a woman by the name of Renita Hill says that she was one of the women victimized by Bill Cosby. According to Hill, the comedian drugged and raped her on multiple occasions over a four year period.

When asked why she continued to work with and visit a man who was allegedly assaulting her repeatedly, Hill explained that Cosby was paying her tuition at the time, and was responsible for giving her opportunities to be on television. They also had a consensual relationship for several years during the 1980s.

Hill was a former cast member on the show, “Picture Pages,” a program that Cosby hosted. Hill is now married with three children, and is 47 years old. She says that Cosby reached out to her agent to add her to the show, and often flew her around the country without her parent’s permission. She agreed to go along willingly, but was a young, impressionable woman at the time.

Hill says she didn’t report the allegations because she thought no one would believe that a powerful man like Cosby would do something like that to her. She didn’t have kits done after the alleged rapes and didn’t get a drug test. She says that, even though she was underage, Cosby would insist that she have a drink and she would then black out.

Hill says that when she told Cosby she would continue to see him, but just wouldn’t drink, Cosby refused. She says that after realizing that he wouldn’t change his ways, she ceased contact with him. The two had a four-year relationship during the 1980s while Cosby paid her college tuition, so she was also a young woman at the time, with Cosby being a married man in his fifties.

Hill said that if she were to see Cosby today, she’d ask him, “Why…why would you do that to a young girl…he could have had anyone he wanted.”

Financial Lovemaking lessons from this story:

1) Be careful with the poison of ambition. It may tempt a parent to put their child into dangerous situations. Just because a person is famous, that doesn’t mean that they are ethical. In fact, wealth and power may have corrupted them into believing that they are above the law. Not to say that this was true with Cosby, but Hill’s parents should have been her first line of defense. Many child actors are exploited on a daily basis by parents who trust their children with celebrities.

2) Cosby allegations are further muddied by long-term consensual relationships, a lack of evidence, no reports to the police and interesting financial exchanges. It’s hard to know if the alleged victims would have been so willing to overlook Cosby’s indiscretions had he not been compensating them financially. So, this begs the question: If someone wrongs you and then pays you a large sum of money, does that mean that you’re agreeing that you’ve been properly compensated? This happens in the court of law everyday, and it also happens quite often in the court of life.


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A lot of women came out just now to accuse Bill Cosby of Rape and other things... Just a thought, if you are really a victim of Rape, you'll report them to the Police or who ever is close to You to what had happen... or have medical people examine you to preserve the the evidence or have a medical record of some lacerations... not wait for a Hundred years to come out.. just saying..


This story is very baffling to me...the fact that so many of them don't have evidence is troubling, and they were all being taken care of very well....

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