2016: Koch Brothers’ Set a $889 million Budget to “slow down intrusive government”


By Simi Afroza Mira

It was announced Monday by top officials in the Koch brothers’ political organization that they were setting a budget of $889 million for 2016. The announcement was made at the winter meeting of the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce. The budget will be used to fund advertisements, activism and data-gathering. Freedom Partners spent over $240 million during 2012 funding approximately three dozen organizations that included the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and some smaller Tea Party groups.

David and Charles Koch are industrialists at the center of the Freedom Partners’ fund raising. Their intentions are to build an operation that will exceed the national political parties in both scope and size. The purpose is to further their libertarian agendas. The Republican National Committee spent less than half of the Koch budget during the 2012 presidential cycle.

Charles Koch said a few words about their agenda: “Americans have taken an important step in slowing down the march toward collectivism. But as many of you know, we don’t rest on our laurels. We are already back at work and hard at it.”

He also added, showing that the group’s efforts have been “largely defensive to slow down a government that continues to swell and become more intrusive.”

During last year’s midterm, it cost the Koch brothers millions, but they were able to get Democrats out of the Senate and get it into Republican control. It is thought that the Koch brothers spent nearly $290 million to help determine the turnout of the elections in 2014. Some Democrats refer to the Koch brothers as the villains of American politics and believe that they would stop at nothing to protect their agenda.

The Freedom Partners event was held near Palm Springs, California and it was reported that four possible GOP contenders for the White House attended. It was also reported in The Washington Post that there were six GOP senators present at the meeting to show their appreciation to the donors. In total, it is estimated that there were 450 supporters and donors present. At the end of the meeting, donations and pledges are taken to further support the policy and political goals that were outlined.

The main agenda lined up this time is to dismantle Obamacare and to acquire reins on the Environmental Protection Agency.



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