5 Flexible Jobs You Can Take Part-Time And Earn Good Money


By Victor Ochieng

In a bid to create more time for family, some people have resorted to part-time, flexible jobs.

FlexJobs, an online-based jobs resource, shared a list of jobs that require advanced skills, education, and knowledge. These are jobs professionals can do part time and make handsome money. The listed jobs require at most 40 hours a week and are remunerated at the rate of $50 an hour, which translates to a clean $104,000 a year if done on a full-time basis.

In a recent statement, Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, said “Part-time work is sometimes associated with less professional, lower paying jobs, but, as this list indicates, that isn’t necessarily true.”

According to a recent survey, 48% of the more than 3,000 respondents showed interest in taking part-time positions. The main reasons cited by those seeking flexible, part-time jobs are work-life balance, family, time savings, and commute stress.

Five of the jobs that, according to FlexJobs, are high paying, flexible, and can be taken part-time are:

1.Curriculum Writer

These jobs are available mostly on a part-time and short term basis and require people with extensive knowledge in the education sector. Such jobs involve assisting academic institutions in developing curriculums, writing and adaptation. They involve great teamwork and require people who can work under strict deadlines. On average, rates are $50 per hour.

2.Clinical Pharmacist

This position involves providing clinical pharmacy services to patients. One of the responsibilities includes handling drug disposition and usage needs. The job requires a bachelor’s degree and offers payment at the rate of $50 and $70 per hour.

3.Software Engineering

This position involves professionals who are good at designing, testing, launching, and debugging software programs. Some of the industries that have high demand for software engineers are finance, IT, communications, and more. Pay rate is between $60 and$73 per hour.

4.Tax Manager

Tax managers work for companies or individuals and provide services relating to yearly tax returns. Schedules differ based on the time of the year, although they provide year-round oversight to clients. Rate is $50 per hour.

5.Mobile Developer

This position involves engaging with the development and architecture team that handles coding, designing and launching of iOS applications meant for customer-facing roles. The position requires advanced JavaScript knowledge and at least 2 years of experience. Pay rate is between $65 and $70 per hour.



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