6 Apps that Make Traveling Less Stressful


By Victor Ochieng

The chaos of traffic, long lines at travel stations with even longer lines for security checks and this is only to reach your destination, not to mention the ridiculousness of returning.

There are a few apps available to help you avoid some of the chaos associated with the process and likely turn your journey into a pleasant one.

Dark Sky: $4

If you’re the person that steers clear of outdoor activities because of expected bad weather, Dark Sky is for you. This app utilizes particular street-by-street locations to send notifications about significant weather events that are heading your direction, as well as how long it’s expected to be around.

Waze: Free

This is a great traffic app that utilizes real-time Intel from users in the Waze community to suggest faster routes, potential speed traps, and set estimated arrival time notifications to family. It also offers details on fuel cost along the route of travel to assist in finding the least expensive prices.

Lounge Buddy: Free

Lounge Buddy assists travelers by granting them peace of mind when inside an airport lounge. It saves time and money for travelers who open the app and enter their travel info, such as the airline they’re using, any elite memberships, and any mileage credit cards they have. The app then alerts the traveller of the lounges that offer free and fee based access.

WorldMate: Free

WorldMate is the travel itinerary in a digital concept that takes care of all of the basics of the trip. It allows the user to put everything in a convenient location for easy viewing and also offers mobile check-in and flight status updates. It also informs the user if there are better rates at hotels near the one where you are currently booked.

Turo: Free

Once known as RelayRides, this is car rentals for locals. Instead of utilizing auto rental companies, browse through the feed to see which vehicles Turo has available in your areas before you make the reservation. This is much more convenient than renting from an agency that tells you the class of car but no specific details until you pick it up.



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