Effective Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses


By Victor Ochieng

One of the reasons why it’s a challenge for small businesses to compete with big ones is money. Big businesses boast of big pockets that translate into wider networks and greater public trust.

In today’s world, however, small businesses can take advantage of some carefully selected tools and strategy to cover for their lack of the big budget.

Below are marketing ideas as outlined by financial industry thought leader and author Robert Sofia. She put these ideas together while running a company that provides ideas and tools with small businesses to enable them to compete with the big buck businesses.

Set up an editorial calendar on your business blog

Many of the small businesses don’t have the financial capacity to maintain a robust editorial team. However, small businesses can enormously gain from a regularly updated business blog. This can be achieved by installing an editorial calendar such as WordPress’ plugin directory to enable them to establish a working collaboration between writers and editors and allow blog managers to systematically schedule posts based on topics. With such tools, the business can plan several topics in advance, create content, and schedule as well as automate their publication. This should be done to fall in line with some major industry activities as a way draw more traffic.

Automate management of social media platforms

In today’s world, every serious business, big or small, uses social media to look for more customers. By leveraging the power of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, a business can effectively grow without having to spend a lot. A point to note is that keeping these social media pages updated is no mean feat. It takes time to look for content, time to login and out of multiple platforms at different times of the day, and of course a lot more to respond to user questions, when necessary. To overcome this, a small business can go for automation tools such as HootSuite, which enables users to simultaneously update multiple social media accounts, automate posts, and get content curation ideas.

Establish a network of partner websites

Getting your brand mentioned on authority websites is a great way of driving traffic to your website. Most small companies don’t have the financial muscle to hire a full time brand marketing firm, but that shouldn’t be a big issue as the web is full of many reputable publications seeking content. Because of this need, these publications are willing to partner with small businesses to get content in exchange for backlinks and brand mentions. A small business, therefore, needs to identify the most relevant publications and approach them for partnership.

Establish joint venture with other businesses

To grow together, it’s important for a small business to create joint ventures, also known as JVs, with other businesses. Partnering business can, through their newsletter, provide mentions for other brands. They can email their customers information relating to other businesses’ products and discounts. You can easily identify businesses to partner with online, particularly on social media platforms.

Provide an affiliate program strategy for growth

This is traditionally referred to as referrals and is an effective way for startups to boost their brand marketing achievements. Established companies spend big money for such programs; but for a startup, utilizing affiliate management software can be of great help and money saver as well. Using such software makes it easier to manage affiliates and code track.

Create a suiting lead generation and nurturing platform

Online lead capture systems are the same, regardless of the size of business. To capture your website visitors, ensure you create an attractive landing page, avail incentives to attract customers to opt in, and create properly planned lead nurturing efforts through email campaigns. For a small business, there are a number of enterprise-level marketing tools you can take advantage of to streamline such tasks without having to dig deep into your pockets. A tool like InfusionSoft is a great one for small businesses, providing a platform for lead capture and email marketing as well as a couple of advanced features such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation.

When making choices, a business needs to select mobile-responsive tools so as to allow for a wider reach.

By creating content and making good use of the available tools, small businesses can reap a great deal of benefits.


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