Flex And Shanice Open Up About Financial Struggles


By Ryan Velez

While promoting the third cycle of their reality show on OWN, actor Flex Alexander and singer Shanice opened up about the financial difficulties they encountered in recent years on “Hollywood Today Live,” as well as their hard work to try and improve their situation.

Flex noted that initially, he was a bit nervous about the “reality star” label when the thought of the show first came up, and isn’t completely comfortable with it now.

“I’m an actor, and I always felt like I’m not going to be taken serious…that’s all I’ve done,” he explained. “But when we went through everything we went through financially, like losing everything, losing our home…I looked at her [Shanice] and said, now we have something to talk about.” The couple’s financial struggles, which have been discussed in the past, started after Shanice was dumped by her record label after becoming pregnant, around the same time that Flex’s sitcom One On One was canceled. While this isn’t the first time the subject has been discussed publically, the show and this interview provide a more personal look into what it was like for the couple, who have been married for 16 years to deal with this.

“The bills were still coming in, but neither of us was working, so we lost everything,” Shanice explained.

“Shoutout to the Embassy Suites,” added Flex. “That free breakfast was bomb!” One of the most important things about their approach to their financial issues, which for some time, was a secret from the world, was how they tried to keep their problems from affecting their children. In fact, none of their children knew they were homeless until the time came to begin shooting the show. Part of this is credited to Flex and what he calls an “old school” mentality that he and his wife share. “It’s a testament, for them not being attached to things,” he explained.

Putting their struggles in the public eye in this way has also served as a helpful example to others. Flex shared the story of a couple who wrote a letter to him, saying that they had lost everything, and were actually planning on committing suicide, but seeing him and his wife soldier on through their hardship gave them the courage to do the same.



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