How To Juggle Work And Recover From A Personal Tragedy


By Ryan Velez

Part of being successful in the business world, whether you are Black or anything else, is recognizing that you are in a work landscape full of harsh truths. Whether you own your business or are working your way up that corporate ladder, the fact of the matter is that no matter how your personal life takes a turn, you still need to work. Family illness or death, debt, accidents, or anything else, you need to find a way to handle your workload and your recovery, often at the same time. Black Enterprise has provided some useful tips on how to strike this balance.

Sometimes, it’s tempting to think that you can overpower your feelings regarding the tragedy in your life, and get back to work right away. However, there are potential consequences to doing this, including your work suffering or a potential emotional outburst at work that could hurt your reputation. As a result, it pays to be self-aware and practice self-care. Be ready to ask yourself if you need a mental health day or professional help. Sometimes, doing simple things like closing your email, shutting off social media, or just shutting the office door is what you need.

In addition, a mental health professional can help you put together strategies to work through your day, but if you don’t want to see one, you can still put some of these strategies to practice on your own. Remember this mantra: “My current circumstances do not predict my future success.” When it feels that you have no control, keep in mind that you can control your attitude. Sometimes, that can mean a lot when you feel like you can’t steer where your life is going.

As well as the emotional piece, you need to manage the logistical part of your workload as well. A big piece of this is keeping track of any limitations. Figure out what type of tasks you can handle and create a routine that accommodates for your diminished capacity. Don’t be afraid to lean on your coworkers as well if you need help. Don’t suffer in silence, but reach out to your coworkers for help. They don’t have to know everything, but a support system is vital. Be sure to help delegate your work as well.


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