Lessons For Entrepreneurs From The Show “Power”


By Ryan Velez

If you are a regular viewer of the Starz show Power, then your reasons may be the acting, writing, or cast, all of which come together to make for an excellent watch. What you may not expect is some potential educational value. If you are an entrepreneur, this is just the case though, which makes a bit of sense, seeing as the main character James St. Patrick, or Ghost is an entrepreneur himself. Black Enterprise draws on some of the top lessons to learn.

It’s tempting to try and overextend yourself, after all, isn’t that how rich people become wealthy? The answer isn’t necessarily that simple, and oftentimes, staying in your lane is good advice to live by. On Power, we see James’s attempts to leave his street life behind and just run his club in peace, but it still isn’t working. As an entrepreneur, if you don’t keep your passion close to your central mission, not only is it easy to lose control, but you can also burn yourself out as you get further and further from what took you into business.

The relationship between Ghost and Tasha may not look like the type of thing we associate with our businesses, but accountability and support are things that we all need. Even when their relationship is in trouble, Tasha has no qualms about supporting Ghost, but also will let him know when he is wrong and make sure he is accountable. Surrounding yourself with yes-men is no path to success, so try to bring people who are professional, but also honest, into your fold.

On the topic of Tasha, while we as viewers love how supportive she is, we also want her to recognize her own worth and value. Interestingly, many entrepreneurs struggle with this issue. This is especially the case when it comes to pricing. How many times has someone said that you should be charging more for your services? Most likely, they are right, but sometimes, we are our harshest critics and don’t see the greatness that others see in us. Humility is a virtue, but don’t let it hamstring your efforts.

Getting business lessons from a TV show may be a bit unconventional, but inspiration can strike at the oddest times in the oddest places. Try keeping Power in the back of the mind while you chase your own business dreams.


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