Planning Is Essential If You Want To Scale Up Your Business


By Ryan Velez

The issue here is not of money or skill, but of planning. Many businesses are often sunk before they start due to a lack of planning on the part of the founders. However, even businesses that can stay alive may find their growth stunted if the planning is wrong. Black Enterprise explains ways that you can prevent this from happening to your business.

Part of staying ahead of the market is knowing every aspect of your business inside and out. This means that while you can’t be every employee in practice, you should be educated on their positions. Hypothetically, if you have 10 employees with different positions, you as the boss need a full understanding of not only what their roles should be, but the various challenges inherent to said roles. By doing this, you may be able to find some tasks that you can delegate to other people, allowing you to dedicate more energy to expansion. The larger your business, the more you will need to spread these tasks around, so don’t shy away from this concept.

One thing that may be tempting is incorporating software and tools to try and simplify certain tasks if needed. While these can be useful, if not vital in some cases, at some point, complexity outweighs the benefits. If you are just starting out, the time you invest in learning a new system may be better served working on primary goals for your company. Time is a valuable resource, don’t use too much of it in a misguided attempt to save some. By the same token, there are going to be certain skills that just aren’t in your company’s wheelhouse. One important example is financial planning. At times like these, if you don’t have a professionally trained person on staff, bite the bullet and bring an outside person in. Hiring a professional is always better than trying to learn things overnight. Not only is that time that could be spent elsewhere, but there’s no guarantee you will do it right.

Perhaps the most important thing to do though when it comes to planning is never staying complacent. Many great opportunities can be missed if you don’t have the chance to take advantage of them. One idea that you can do is try to implement a savings fund in preparation for unexpected expenses or revenue drops. By implementing these items, you can make sure that you can always strike when the iron is hot, and never be held back when the time comes to grow.



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