Top 5 Ways That Content Writing is Hurting Your Business


By Lauren Matyear

One of the most important steps in advertising for any business is writing content that is interesting as well as grammatically correct. Reeling in consumers is imperative to making a profit, and it all starts with the written word. Content that is littered with mistakes can be detrimental to bringing in a sizeable base, making it essential to monitor business content for quality in order to increase the odds of success and avoid turning off potential customers.

Here are the top five mistakes to avoid when promoting your business.

  1. Overused words and phrases. Using too many clichés and old information will cause potential customers to lose interest. Our brains are wired to skip over information that we are already familiar with, as such, customers will skip over your services.

  2. Unclear information. Avoid using unclear statements that do not offer any evidence or explanation behind them. Unclear information will only confuse your readers, or worse, make them feel suspicious of your intentions.

  3. Overly complicated vocabulary. There is no need to use complicated wording to convey your message. Everyone doesn’t have an extensive vocabulary; stick to basics in order to make your content reader friendly.

  4. Word walls. Try to avoid building a massive wall of text on your website. This can be extremely deterring for readers, not to mention that it is completely unnecessary. Compartmentalizing your text into smaller pieces or paragraphs will increase the readability of your content and can improve reader comprehension by over 20%. When you break up your text, make sure to use sensibility in knowing where to insert breaks and where to keep your sentences connected.

  5. Wacky fonts. Do not use fonts under 8 point in size, and use your bold and italics sparingly. Using all capital letters or colors that are difficult to see will drive your readers away. Remember to put your best foot forward and keep it professional.


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