Goal Setting for Real Estate Investors


I recently read that only 3% of people are considered successful. Another study shows that only 3% of people write down their goals. I have to believe that there is a strong correlation between those two statistics.

Studies show that our brains are constantly growing and creating new neuro connections, and that we can influence this growth by thinking in a certain way. So just by thinking positively, we can change our lives!

I know this to be true. I visualize my goals and meditate on them consistently. And it turns out, that the things I’ve envisioned actually come to fruition. I think it’s so powerful to actually write down your goals.

That’s why I’ve created the Freedom Cheat Sheet! It’s a free PDF that allows you to set a clear goal, and start moving toward it. It will help you determine exactly how many rental properties are appropriate for your unique situation. Financial freedom does not just happen spontaneously; it’s typically the result of setting a clear, attainable goal.

So what are your goals? What is your Freedom Number? I would love to hear your goals, and how you plan to make them happen.


Financial Freedom