5 Stories of New Real Estate Investors That Will Inspire You to Take Action


All of those obstacles are surmountable. People become real estate investors every day, despite their finances and apprehensions. Here are five stories of real people just like you who faced their fears, took action, and began on their path to financial freedom.

Kevin Brooks – Kevin is the father of two young children; he and his family reside in Los Angeles, which is typically a terrible rental market. He knew that if he wanted to make a high return, he would have to invest away from home. Like most people, Kevin didn’t have $40,000 sitting around to purchase his first property. But once he realized he could simply take a loan from his 401k, the idea of becoming a real estate investor became a reality. Kevin’s story is a powerful testament to the power of setting attainable goals and taking action! Listen to Kevin’s full story here.

Matthew Stellas – Once he calculated his Freedom Number and learned about turnkey investing, Matthew became the proud owner of a Midwest rental property in a matter of weeks. He put his faith in the process, took action, and now he collects rent checks every single month. Want to hear exactly how Matthew did it? Listen to his interview here. Matthew is a fantastic example of an investor who did his research and made an informed decision to create passive income.

Sylvia Grugett – Although Sylvia has a sustainable career in the corporate pharmaceutical world, it’s not lost on her that no job is guaranteed forever. She wanted a backup plan, and she decided that real estate investing could provide financial stability. She financed her first property by taking a loan from her 401k, and is now building a passive income through real estate. Here’s exactly how she did it.

Josh Koth – As a self-employed photographer, Josh wanted an extra stream of income that wouldn’t take up his time. He realized that real estate investing could be totally passive, and decided to begin acquiring properties. He identified a clear goal: to replace his entire salary with passive income. He’s making it happen, here’s how you can too.

Keith Rorer – Keith is a single-dad who has always had an interest in real estate. He found that working as a realtor on the weekends did not fit his schedule or his lifestyle. As a parent of two teenagers, Keith’s time is his most valuable resource. Once he discovered he could earn a passive income through buy and hold investing, while still having his nights and weekends with his kids, everything changed. Keith is well on his way to financial freedom. Listen to his story here.

Are you ready to replicate the success of these investors? We can show you how. First, calculate your unique Freedom Number to determine how many rental properties you will need. Then, book a free, no obligations call with our team to discuss how turnkey rentals can help you accomplish your goals.


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