How to Attract Private Money with a Credibility One Sheet


All you have to do is create a private money credibility one sheet. Think of this document as your investing resume; its intent is to impress upon private lenders that you are worthy of their investment. Your main goal in drafting a credibility one sheet is to explain to investors who you are, and what your investing goals are.

Individual one sheets will vary by investment type and strategy, but there are a few features you should consider including in your one sheet:

1) Summary. Write a detailed yet concise overview of your investing goals. Include relevant details such as property types, rental markets, price, rent, and vacancy rates. This is key. If you approach a private investor, the first question they’ll ask you is, “What do you want to buy?” Answer that question comprehensively in your one sheet.

2) Biography. Humanize yourself to the investor by sharing personal information about yourself. Write about your job, family, and location. Include relevant links to your website or resume.

3) Your investing experience. Share details regarding any previous investing projects and current properties. Write about the returns you’re receiving on those investments, and why you’re seeking to expand your portfolio.

4) Before and after photos. Any before and after photos of projects you’ve worked on are relevant, and will paint a clear picture to the investor.

5) Information about your team members. Elaborate on partners that are key to your success as an investor. If you’ve worked with a turnkey company, be sure to include that info.

But what if you don’t have any experience at all? Should you lie on your credibility one sheet? No!

Here’s what you should do instead: highlight the experience and success of your team members. Whether that’s a contractor or a turnkey provider, the success of your team will reflect positively on you. And after that first property is out of the way, you’ll be able to highlight your own successes.


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