How to Choose Paint for Your Rental Property


However, you still want your rental to look nice and cozy. So how do you pick a paint that fits the bill?

I like to keep this decision easy. In our business, we use the same paint in every single property. Goodbye decision fatigue! This also keeps the costs down, because we can buy in bulk!

In the event of a tenant turnover, our team can go in for touchups, and the paint is a perfect match! We use the brand Porter Paints. They’re affordable, and incredibly durable.

It’s perfect for a rental property. We use a neutral tan/cream color consistently throughout all of our properties. You can see a before and after in this video. But what happens if your tenant wants to change the paint color?

I like to handle this issue on a case-by-case basis. Most times, I like to give my tenants permission to do as they wish, so that the property feels like home. If a tenant feels at home, they are more likely to stay long-term. The longer the tenant stays, the longer we receive consistent rent from that rental property. Check out this podcast episode on how we handle tenant requests!


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