How to Deal with Real Estate Naysayers


Particularly if you’re just starting on your real estate journey, you won’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. But if you want to share the things you’re excited about with people in your life, you might encounter a “negative nelly” or two along the way.

Oftentimes, these naysayers have an anecdote to share. And typically, it has to do with terrible tenants. This is why we work with property management teams! They screen the tenants, and find a great, responsible person to live in your home. And if a problem does arise, you won’t be the one fielding the phone calls.

The first tactic we have to offer is to try spending some time educating that person. If you can explain to them the smart, slow, and steady approach to investing, they might be able to understand your situation. You can also point them to resources, such as our podcast or YouTube channel.

An alternative approach is to ignore the naysayer altogether. Just go out there, and pursue your investing goals. Soon enough, you’ll be making passive income, and they’ll be left scratching their head. There is a lot of fear out their surrounding investing, particularly after the last crash. But if you follow the right approach, real estate investing can bring you financial freedom.


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