How to Fight a Bad Appraisal

Getting a low or bad appraisal on a rental property can often stop a deal dead in its tracks. It sounds intimidating, but there’s good news! There are a few key ways to fight a bad appraisal, which is also known as a reconsideration of value.

here are many factors that an appraisal contains, so you’ll need to do your homework before challenging an inaccurate report. If you follow these five strategies, you’ll be able to make a strong and concise argument.

  1. Write down your specific argument. Write a paragraph explaining why you think the appraisal is wrong, giving details.
  2. Check your emotions. It’s important to remove the emotion. Don’t point fingers or get angry; focus on the facts and be polite.
  3. Include comparable properties. This is important because it is the detail that most appraisals hinge upon! Find three recently sold similar properties to include with your document.
  4. Consider adjustments. Adjustments are metrics that influence the value of the home. There may be a reason the appraisal is lower than you expected. For example, if the home is on a busy street or close to a gas station, it’s possible that the appraiser adjusted the value accordingly.
  5. Keep it simple. Write an opening paragraph, bullet points of your argument, and a closing paragraph. An appraiser doesn’t have unlimited time to read a novel.

If you are able to compile a clear and detailed argument after an inaccurate appraisal, chances are you can have your property reassessed. Appraisals will vary, but with this strategy you can ensure that you’ve done everything in your power to make sure the report is correct.