Outsourcing Your Real Estate Business


Deciding when to relinquish control of certain responsibilities in your business can be an emotional decision. For many of us, we care so deeply about our businesses, and are heavily invested in the inner workings. However, you cannot, and should not do it all.

In our business, we’re coming to the conclusion that perhaps it’s no longer the right decision for Natali to act as the bookkeeper. There are many responsibilities that she covers in that role—payroll, spreadsheets, banking duties. It’s beginning to feel overwhelming.

We feel ready to take those responsibilities off her plate, and put them into the hands of a professional. You might hesitate because you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars per year on a bookkeeper, but it’s so worth it! A trained professional can actually save you money, as well as eliminate the headaches.

The same goes for taxes. As Tom Wheelwright mentioned on the podcast, if you are paying taxes as a real estate investor, you’re doing it wrong! We believe that outsourcing your taxes is crucial. You might think you’re saving money by doing it yourself, but a proper accountant can save you 10s of 1000s of dollars on your taxes.

You have to know when to let go, and relinquish control to the professionals. It can be hard to know exactly when the right time is, but if you’re beginning to feel overwhelm, that’s usually a sign. When you hire someone who is accountable and focused, it will make your business run much more smoothly, and alleviate much of your stress. After all, buy and hold real estate is supposed to be all about passive income!


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