The Best Long-Term Real Estate Strategy


Typically when investors sell their rental properties, they do so in a panic. Maybe they’re scared about the outlook of the market, or just generally nervous and fearful. Doing so is a mistake; it relinquishes all the benefits of receiving cash flow.

Certainly it’s beneficial to assess your portfolio periodically. If you find there is a particularly weak link, perhaps you should consider selling it. Let’s say the cash flow isn’t working, or the city raised the taxes through the roof, then you might want to sell.

But overall, you shouldn’t be trying to sell properties regularly. In fact, I find there are very few instances where it’s appropriate to sell a property. I learned early on that very successful investors keep their properties until the end of their lives, and then pass the investments down to their children or other heirs.

Not only that, high-level investors continue to buy nonstop! If you stop purchasing properties, you forfeit all of the incredible tax benefits that come with being a real estate investor! The deductions that come with purchasing rental real estate are incredible.

So when people ask about my exit-strategy, I inform them that I don’t have one. I plan on buying until I die, and you should consider doing the same.


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