The Importance of Leading by Example for Real Estate Investors


You'll be inundated with anecdotes about a relative's friend's neighbor who had a terrible experience with a tenant.

How do you combat this negativity? Sometimes it's worth your time and energy to try to educate the negative nelly. But other people are persistent about placing limits on you and your goals.

In that case, the best approach is to lead by example. Dismiss their limiting beliefs, and go after your goals. Reach your Freedom Number. Soon enough, you'll be bringing in passive income, and they'll be left wondering how you did it!

Sometimes you can't convince others. Instead, be a positive example! Show them what can happen when you set a clear goal and work toward it. In my recent interview with Rich Dad Advisor Blair Singer, he said, "Trying to change other people is a really difficult thing to do. The best thing to do is to change yourself and work on yourself. Be a an example of what you're doing, and let people come inquire."

The exception to this rule, is if the naysayer is your spouse. In that case, check out our post on how to convince your spouse to invest in real estate!


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