Are You More Than Your Twitter Profile?


This post might alienate some folks but hopefully instead of being alienated this might prompt people to sort a few things out for themselves.

Vala Afshar Tweeted a list of positive attributes saying that the best people at those attributes are great students and sums up the Tweet saying that "smart people stay teachable." I prefer the word curious to teachable because I think being curious implies that you try to learn on your own. There are many benefits at all ages to staying curious.

My friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter know I like to share content I find related to diet and exercise that I think can be helpful, potentially life changing. I follow some small number of diet/fitness experts that have wide followings and they share their knowledge liberally. Being widely followed, their Tweets draw a lot of comments and there is value in looking at the comments as a way to possibly learn more beyond the original Tweet.

When someone leaves an interesting comment, like just about anyone else probably, I hover over their name to see more about who they are. Often I'll see they have very few followers and their profile says something about Keto, as in ketogenic, and that's it. I mention having very few followers not as a dig, there is nothing wrong with no followers, but to point out they they (the people commenting) are not themselves widely followed thought leaders who derive their income in one form or another from their Twitter profile. They are so all-in on this one subject that everything they have to say about themselves is that one dimension--in this case a diet preference. Part of this realm of Twitter is the perpetual argument between Keto advocates and vegans. I see plenty of vegans weighing in on these threads and their profiles only mention their veganism.

I see the same thing in Fin Twit (financial Twitter); a commenter who is seemingly new to Twitter with a similarly one-dimensional profile about trading e-mini's or the like.

I may very well be reading way too much into this but I see one-dimensionalism from people in all aspects of my life and if you think about it for a moment you do too. The point of this post is to try to be multi-dimensional, to stay curious about several dimensions and add new ones occasionally. This is what personal development is all about. It makes life more interesting and staying curious (remaining mentally engaged) contributes to healthier aging which hopefully means cheaper aging by virtue of being healthier.