We took off for Australia on Saturday and got here Monday morning, Sunday never happened. We are starting out in Bondi Beach then going to Blackheath to hike in Blue Mountains National Park and finally coming back to Sydney to close out the visit.

At a friend's suggestion we got on Qantas' email list many years ago, 2005, because they send out promotional fares. Well, 14 years later, it seemed like they were giving tickets away, so we jumped on them. There's probably a message in there about long term thinking/planning.

Our first wake up here we went to look at the sunrise from a particular spot at the other end of Bondi Beach, about 20 minutes walk considering we stopped to look at stuff and take pictures. At this hour, about 5:50, there were a lot of people running, not jogging, on the boardwalk and the sand, there were at least a half dozen exercise classes getting going, people surfing, walking their dogs and soon. There was very an fitness mentality embedded into the culture in Bondi.

With a very small sample size, the food here is great. Our observation so far is the food is not processed so extensively like it is in the US. Eating processed food, so much of it, is a huge problem in creating health problems for Americans, that and not enough exercise.

People here, again limited sample size, seem very fit. The financial and life benefits of putting in the time to exercise and avoid the worst food are endless. I am typing this on my tablet and it is buggy. Correcting typos kind of doesn't work, long story short, so thanks for bearing with me. A couple of more pictures.