Has Jack Dorsey Gone Insane?


Self improvement Twitter has been buzzing about the flack that@Jack has been getting regarding his new found beliefs on a healthy lifestyle. From what I have read here is what he does with the potential benefit in parenthesesparentheses. I would encourage everyone to look up anything they don't know to draw their own conclusion.

He only eat s one meal a day (the benefit of this is autophagy but you can still have an autophagic response from skipping breakfast)

He also fasts on the weekends to derive or enhance the benefits of autophagy. I just skip breakfast on most day because that is the conclusion I have drank as being best for me.

He takes ice bath/cold showers ( cold lengthens telomeres, you can look up the imptance of that and know that exposure to cold is not the only thing that lengthens telomeres).

He avoids processed foods (it is very clear that consumption of processed food has played a huge role in ZAmericans' deteriorating health, this can't be said often enough).

Some have said Dorsey has an eating disorder, that intermittent fasting itself is an eating disorder. It is easy for me to believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. I forgot to mention that Dorsey is a fan of high intensity interval training or HIIT.

I have no idea if Dorsey is crazy or has an eating disorder but we have both been drawn to similar concepts that we implement differently. He takes it to amore exteme level. That doesn't mean he is wrong and I am right. We could both be right or we could both be wrong, we have to allow for the possibility we are wrong about any of the conclusions we draw for our selves.

Zooming out a little, less sugar, less processed food and more exercise is very unlikely to be a bad combination for anyone.

Now consider investing. We draw conclusions about what is best for us. You may be a buy and holder while your sibling or friend may trade stocks regularly. Both can be right but both can also turn out badly (holding Fannnie Mae or General Electric as examples of regret5table buy and hold decisions).

The key for me personally is to acvoid dogma and emotion. Study, learn and be flexible enough to change when new information makes changing your ways the rational response.

Please forgive the typos, I am blogging on my tablet and the interface has a serious problem when I try to fix mistake.