This is my inaugural post here at The Maven. I’ve been blogging since 2004 when I stumbled across the Blogger site after downloading Firefox for the first time. For those who don’t know me, I have worked in the investment industry since the mid-1980’s doing various kinds of work, including as a portfolio manager since 2004 with Your Source Financial in Phoenix.

Blogging opened many doors for me along the way in terms of doing things and meeting people that I would have never done/met including my gig for the last four years as what amounts to being a corporate blogger for a fund company at my site That work has been and continues to be a great opportunity for many reasons including having a lot of very interesting conversations with people from whom I can learn an awful lot. The downside is that the blogging is somewhat restricted as a function of compliance. Long story short, those restrictions won’t apply here, so the big difference is that I will be able to name names here in terms of stocks and ETFs which I am very excited about getting back to.

You can see from the “rooms” across the top of what my content at The Maven will include. I will focus on portfolio strategy, top down (macro) events, I will be analyzing ETFs as I did when I wrote for which I did from 2005-2013 as well as alternative retirement strategies and lifestyle ideas.

One way to think of some of the content, especially related to portfolio and analysis, is as a look over my shoulder. A long time ago I came up with the idea of taking bits of process from various places to come up with your own process. I am trying to share process not for anyone to copy in full but to take what is useful. From the stand point of teaching someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime, I won’t be handing out fish from the back of my van (I don’t actually have a van).

On a personal note, my wife Joellyn and I have been married for 24 years, we live in a semi-rural area outside of Prescott, AZ. I have been volunteering as a firefighter in our little community since 2003 and have been the fire chief for almost six years. Like blogging, my firefighting has opened many doors in terms of meeting people I’d have never met or doing things I would have never otherwise done and I look forward to sharing that with you. Another hobby of my is photography and you’ll see my pictures with my posts. I am cultivating this hobby in terms of trying to monetize it as part of my retirement plan which is something I will write about in the retirement room. I’ve sold a few pictures, I don’t know where that will go, if anywhere but will share how it evolves along with other things in my life.