Recently, I disclosed that I had resigned from AdvisorShares after what had been four-year side gig with them. There is no dramatic story to this, it is a tiny company with limited spots and they needed me to do tasks that I wouldn’t find enjoyable, so I resigned.

I am not one to make Altucherian (a reference to James Altucher) suggestions like QUIT YOUR JOB TODAY, but for anyone not happy in their current work situation I might say START LOOKING FOR A WAY TO MAKE A CHANGE TODAY! Even the act of looking for something new can help improve your state of mind, you’re proactively trying to make your life better.

I have often described blogging as the type of thing where the more you put into it the more you get out of it. A few bloggers derive an income from ads on their blogs but I never really cracked that code in a meaningful way but I have had the opportunity to monetize my writing, first with from 2005 to early 2014 and then just recently with AdvisorShares and for side gigs they both paid well. I also got to do some interesting things in my time at AdvisorShares including regular conversations with Dennis Gartman (he’s taken a bit of a beating lately especially from Zerohedge but he has a lot of interesting things to say, is a very nice guy and I learned a lot from knowing him), John Burbank, even Dr. Richard Thaler shortly before he won his Nobel Prize. Of course, I also got to ring the closing bell at the NYSE back in December. These are exactly the types of things I am talking about when I say “do things I would never otherwise get to do and meet people I would never otherwise get to meet.” So, the experience, net net was positive, I am grateful for having had the opportunity.

While there was a lot that was fun, it should also be noted and hopefully obvious that if you frequently have conversations with people who know more than you and are smarter than you, you’re probably going to learn and be better at your primary gig (I am first and foremost a portfolio manager).

Having a side gig of some sort also makes me feel more entrepreneurial, probably because of the multi-tasking dynamic. I’ve also written many times about my belief in the Multiple Streams of Income concept, I believe it is important financially but also makes us more economically resilient (antifragile).

I still have a lot going on beyond my day job, I am still the Chief at Walker Fire and hope to be so for a good while longer still and the affiliation with TheMaven is still early days and hopefully that works out favorably. And if some other side gig opportunity ever comes along again I very well could take that on, we’ll see.

Where I have described this blog as a look over my shoulder at what I do for clients, it is also sometimes a look over my shoulder at what I do for myself. Not that I necessarily have answers but I always get a kick out of reading/hearing how other folks are doing along these lines, learning from other people this way can be very productive.

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thanks very much! glad you found it useful :-)


Great advice Roger. If your side-gig isn't making you happy, find one that does.