Canada press - US will proceed with extradition request for Huawei executive.

Other News: Australian financial press: Chinese CEOs target Australia as top growth market. After a year of rising trade tensions and slower Chinese growth, only 17% of Chinese CEOs now said the US was one of the most important markets for their growth prospects - sharply down from 59% in 2018 - while Australia was rated as pivotal by 21% of Chinese bosses, the largest single percentage of any country.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to an 'an unusual meeting of China's top leaders' on Monday in Beijing. "The party is facing long-term and complex tests in terms of maintaining long-term rule, reform and opening-up, a market-driven economy, and within the external environment," Xi said, according to Xinhua. "The party is facing sharp and serious dangers of a slackness in spirit, lack of ability, distance from the people, and being passive and corrupt. This is an overall judgment based on the actual situation."

The maturation of the cryptocurrency market could accelerate if regulators approve a bitcoin ETF and the launch this year of physical settlements of crypto futures contracts could draw more investors.