FX – AUD was hosed on Thursday, falling heavily against all of the major crosses. Increased speculation about an RBA rate cut, weak economic data from Europe and a rebound in the greenback all contributed to the Aussie's weakness. CPI data next week is expected to show a decrease in the headline measure (mainly petrol prices) but core to remain stable. USD is on the back foot, with the political gridlock in Washington still ongoing amid the government shut-down. Risk is also feeling more buoyant on the day and that is also helping to push down USD as well as JPY. EUR took a round trip overnight after Draghi stuck to the script while highlighting that risks are now tilted to the downside in the Eurozone economy. The single currency is holding just above 1.1300 against the greenback now.

Indices – Asian markets closed up across the region (Asian chip companies rise, Hynix extends gains seen in the aftermath of earnings report), from +0.25% in KL to +1.43% (Kospi). US Indices also all closed in the black (Tech sector leading on good earnings) except DOW (DOW -0.09%, S&P +0.14%, NAS +0.68%).

Commods – Crude oil trading from >$52 lows yesterday to <$54 now. Venezuelan concerns cited.