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Nicholas Ward

Hey ladies and gents, just wanted to take the time to post this Sure Investing podcast that I was interviewed for last month. I'm hoping to eventually add audio/video content to my channel here at Income Minded Millennial as well. This is actually what I'd like the "Ask Nick" tab to evolve into; readers asking questions or expressing concerns and me responding in a Cramer-esque fashion. Obviously, my opinions here should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not a professional and I never give recommendations in the stock market for others; all opinions are my own and are only meant for personal use with my DGI portfolio. With that said, I like the idea of a more direct back and forth with readers. I want Income Minded Millennial to be both educational and entertaining (for me and you). So, with that being said, feel free to post any questions that you might have, personal, market related, financial related, anything really (one of my favorite professors at U.Va, Gary Gallagher, a world renowned Civil War historian, would begin all of his classes in this fashion: "Any questions?" Sometimes they were about the Civil War, but sometimes they were about college football, popular culture, or politics. I learned quite a bit from his lectures, but I also picked up a handful of valuable nuggets during the daily Q&A session. I'll answer anything and everything, at my own discretion, of course. Hopefully this tab can be a fun place for readers to stop by when they're got some time to kill.

Here's the link to the podcast:


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Great listen - thanks for the advice. Big fan of the new site!

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