Welcome to Income Minded Millennial!

Nicholas Ward

Hello everyone,

I’m so pleased to announce that I was invited to host a channel at themaven.net and after a month or so of deliberation and hard work, I’m ready to present my page to the world, Income Minded Millennial.

Over the years as a contributor at Seeking Alpha , I’ve taken pride in participating in the vibrant dividend growth community that developed over there and I hope to continue that work at themaven.net.

Looking back, this journey has been surreal. I began contributing to Seeking Alpha in 2012, shortly after graduating from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in English. I was as green as they come, without any formal training in economics or finance. What I did have was a burgeoning passion for the markets and a strong desire to build wealth in a conservative, reliable fashion.

Very early on in my investing career I stumbled across dividend growth investing and I never looked back. The power of compounding is real and evident when you look at the success of DGI portfolios of the past. I’ve spent the past 5 years building my own DGI portfolio and it’s been amazing to watch my passive income stream grow to the point that it has the capability to cover significant, real-life expenses.

Oftentimes, DGI investing is considered to be a strategy for the elderly, for the retired, or for those considering retirement soon. For those who aren’t familiar with the strategy, it’s built around creating a passive income stream that exceeds one’s lifestyle needs, while posting annual growth that exceeds the rate of inflation so that individuals/families never have to withdraw their life’s savings from the market, diminishing their buying power over time. In other words, DGI investing allows investors to leave their accumulated capital alone so that it can continue to grow, while still meeting their financial needs. This is true financial freedom.

Even though I’m a long way off from retirement, my relatively conservative mindset when it comes to capital investments meshed well with the types of holdings that investors typing own in a DGI portfolio. Any investment requires a bit of speculation. No one has a working crystal ball. But, when one is focused on cash flows, strong balance sheets, responsible debt; all of the things that ultimately lead to a sustainable dividend, it’s possible to feel more confident that goals will be met – the stock market no longer seems like a casino, but instead, a well rounded business whose sole purpose is to line your pockets with cash.

Sure, the typical dividend growth company isn’t going to be a home run, at least not in the very short-term, at least. If you’re looking to significantly increase your net work in the matter of days, weeks, or months, then the DGI strategy probably isn’t right for you. With that said, I’ve produced very strong capital gains over the last 5 years or so while focusing on reliably increasing income growth. The cream rises to the top in the markets and when you own very high quality assets, they tend to do well.

What’s more, as a younger investor, I do own and cover a wider variety of stocks than your typical DGI manager. I prioritize growth, so long as it falls within reasonable valuation parameters. This makes me unique amongst many of the prominent DGI voices across the internet. I view my portfolio as a bit of a hybrid collection of stocks, carefully balancing growth, value, and income as I move forward on my pursuit of eventual financial freedom.

This is why I’m branding this page towards my fellow millennial. Obviously, the practice of targeting high quality investments at fair or better prices is appropriate for investors of all ages, but I admit that I have a slightly higher risk tolerance than you average 65 year old retiree.

While I hope that my reader base here is broad, I think it’s especially important for young professions to take the time to consider their long-term financial futures. I hope that my site here at themaven.net will serve as an entertaining and educational resource for investors are interested in pursuing their own financial freedom.

The power of passive income is real, I know that. I take pride in my status within the dividend growth community, but I’m not naïve enough to think I know it all. I look forward to learning and growing with all of you. Your input and engagement here at Income Minded Millennial is more than welcomed, it’s encouraged.

So, Why Become A Maven?

First and foremost, I was very impressed with the Maven Team and I look forward to working and growing alongside them on this new platform.

  • James Heckman / Founder and CEO - Background: Head of Global Media Strategy for Yahoo!; Chief Strategy Officer at Fox Digital; architected a $900 million ad alliance between Google and Myspace; founder/CEO of 5to1.com (sold to Yahoo!); CSO of Zazzle.com; Founder/CEO of Scout.com (sold to Fox); Founder/CEO of Rivals.com and Rivals.net (sold to Yahoo!)
  • Josh Jacobs / Executive Co-Chair - Background: President of services at Kik Interactive, one of the world’s largest messaging apps; global CEO of Accuen Media; president of the Omnicom Media Group
  • Bill Sornsin / Chief Operating Officer - Background: Ran MSN's Core Technology team before joining Rivals.com as co-founder and CTO in 1999; co-founded Scout.com as CTO/COO; VP Engineering & Operations at Fox Interactive Media following its acquisition of Scout.
  • Ben Joldersma / Chief Technology Officer - Background: CTO and chief architect of the single-platform national sports network Scout.com; CTO of the digital media advertising management firm 5to1; senior software engineer at Google where he researched and developed image visualization systems for Google Maps; a principal software engineer in the advertising platform unit at Yahoo!
  • Ross Levinsohn / Director - Background: CEO at Yahoo! in 2012; President of Fox Interactive where he helped create one of the largest digital businesses amongst the traditional media companies; co-founded Fuse Capital in 2005; General Manager at AltaVista Network; Vice President of Programming and Executive Producer at CBS Sportsline.

This is a partial list of Maven management; for a full list with more in depth resumes, click here.

I wholeheartedly agree with the vision that leadership has for this media upstart. In a world where “fake news” is ever prevalent, I think it’s important to have reliable news sources. The invite-only nature of themaven’s platform means that readers can be sure when they come here that they’re consuming content from highly respect leaders in their industries and fields.

In saying this, I don’t mean to elevate my own status as an internet blogger. I am honored to have been invited to contribute on this platform; when I was first contacted by themaven’s team I was taken aback and I’m still humbled to have been included with so many high quality individuals who will make up the finance segment of themaven’s overall platform. I assure you that I will do my best to live up to the expectations that come along with such a highly touted community of contributors. Simply put, when you have an opportunity to become a part of such a highly regarded group, you don’t turn it down. I don’t take this opportunity lightly.

I also look forward to the freedom and flexibility that themaven affords me as a contributor here. I plan to continue producing work like everyone is used to who knows me from Seeking Alpha, but I will now be able to expand my coverage into personal finance as well as alternative investments, while pushing past print and using multi-media to better engage with visitors.

All in all, I’m very excited about my future here at themaven.net.

Until next time, best wishes,

Nicholas Ward