Disclaimer for readers: I am not a professional, do your own due diligence, beware of market risks.

I just want to make sure that everyone viewing this site and the content that I produce here understands a couple of things. One, I am not an investment professional. I’ve never claimed to be; instead, I take pride in being an everyday Joe type of guy who has developed a passion for investing/portfolio management over the years. I spend a lot of time following the markets so that I can manage my personal portfolio to the best of my ability. With that said, I enjoy the engagement that posting articles/stories on the web results in. It helps me learn and become a better investor.

So, I need everyone to understand that in no way am I giving advice with my content. I’m writing purely for personal entertainment and education. Always do your own due diligence when making market related decisions and never follow me into or out of a trade without discussing it with your own financial adviser. We’re all in different financial situations with different dreams and goals; what’s right for me is probably not right for you.

That’s my spiel. I’ve also taken the time to post some of this legal jargon (the vast majority of this was taken from the REIT Maven’s disclaimer page – thanks Brad!) to further drive home the point that the market comes with risks and in no way can I, nor will I, be held responsible for any decisions that anyone else makes in the markets. I’m not here to influence anyone else’s market decisions – I’m here to develop and grow as a portfolio manager and I hope that you are too.

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It is understood securities trading in stocks and/or options involves a high degree of risk. Income Minded Millennial and/or its members, affiliates, and representatives are to be in no way held responsible for your investment losses due to recommendations and/or information given here. As with all investment/financial theories, information, and prognoses, past performance is no indication of future success.

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