If other companies like SpaceX follow suit, this could be a real problem for FB and its stock price moving forward

smms, thanks for the link - I'll take a look tonight and give you a more in-depth reply. Pyramid, I saw that news earlier today...Musk likes attention much more than many CEOs, though I also wouldn't be surprised if this trend is long-lasting.

smms, it certainly bounced off of the $150 lows yesterday, but at this point the stock isn't moving on fundamentals, but rather speculation and sentiment. I'm still in wait and see mode with regard to regulation. Andrew Left at Citron just put out a note regarding a short thesis for Twitter regarding private data sales. I think the social media space as a whole continues to face strong headwinds as gov'ts on both sides of the Atlantic get involved. http://citronresearch.com/wait-til-the-senate-hears-twitters-hidden-secret/