A real story .... I saw a need and tried to help... believe in action not words. Two years ago I imported 100 kw or between 5 to 6 % of the daytime load of a small Caribbean island of Montserrat. Asked for duty free but no luck ... asked to put it into grid ... no luck. The grid is totally diesel generation with many blackouts .. billing residents 71 cents per kw after all charges. Now I'm informed the Rocky Mountain Institute is going to grant 250 kw of panels to the island. I've tried to contact RMI...no luck. Its time to rethink all we do. Corruption and the sad state of our society must change. Mish... I'm not a rich man but I took real action to help. I wasn't going to give them my panels but I was going to sell power for 6 cents so everyone would benefit. When they are sell power for 71 cents and get a supply for 6 cents everyone benefits. I was told if I wanted them in the grid... give them the panels and they would put them in the grid. Mish ... governments... this stupid society the way it is. HELP.... Wish I could find others of like. Mind.


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