Calculating mortality requires knowing precisely who is infected, including those who are asymptomatic. It would also require understanding the overall health status of those supposedly suffering. I think it probable those being counted as suffering from this Corona virus have a whole lot of other issues as well or don't have this virus at all, but are thrown in with the lot.
I have a hard time accepting ANY government produced numbers about ANYTHING. So eat healthy and keep your immune system well tuned. Oh, I recommend organic smokes too.

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It's not even worth trying to figure out the numbers. I'm in the US, im ordering canned goods for now. Not so much for really long term crap. If it gets bad, I dont catch it and can ride it out a year or two tops fine if we go to hell i'm outta here.


Just reading Thailand reversed it and cured with antiviral hiv drugs mixed with flu vaccine so maybe it's ok we'll see. That's a lot of doses though. No worries, the US is already shipping them all ours. Probably hiv patients care in the US will skyrocket.

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