Hello Mish - I have written before to thank you for your many insightful posts over the years, but this time I want to really REALLY thank you because you recently saved me $50,000. That's how much I had invested in the XIV. This was part of a system I was following that traded in and out of XIV/VIX, and it was making me a lot of money. But then I read your post that talked about "picking up pennies in front of a steam roller". That got my attention, and I withdrew my original $50K investment. I left all the money I had made from the system in the XIV (about $17K), and that is all gone now. That's a lot of money to loose, but on the bright side, I am back where I started last June. I learned a hard lesson, have made some adjustments to my investment approach, and am being philosophical about it. There is no doubt in my mind that if you had not written that blog post I would have had the $50K, and possibly the whole $67K in the XIV, and probably would have ridden it right to the bitter end. So I do thank you very very much.


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