Hey Mish,

I've been following your blog for a number of years and I remember before the elections you were Pro Trump and not a big fan of Hilary. There's no way of knowing what Hilary would have done and whether things would be better or worse so we won't get caught up in 'what ifs' but instead focus on your current sentiment of this administration and government.

How do you feel the presidency has gone in the last year and half? Are Americans better off with him at the helm? Why?

How is the Republican party doing? Are Americans better off? Are there any systematic changes you would like to see?

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Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


I was certainly pro-Trump but primarily as the better of two choices. Far better in fact.

I believe with Hillary we would be at risk in Syria and North Korea. Put those in Trump's camp. I am surprised but delighted with North Korea.

Trump scores vs Hillary on Russia.

Iran is uncertain but it's possible Hillary would be better, perhaps far better.

Trump has proven to be a big disappointment regarding trade. Hillary and Trump sounded the same, but Trump carried through. I do not think Hillary would have carried a trade war to this extreme.

Trump made a very good pick for the Supreme court. I am certain that Hillary would not have. That said, I do not favor a reversal of Roe vs Wade.

So the appointment of Gorsuch was a mixed bag from my perspective. However, we are not sure how the new appointee would rule. Trump picked quite a moderate. Democrats were foolish to object to him. Any other choice was certain to be worse for them.

I still believe Hillary was the bigger warmonger. That any appointment to the supreme court that she made would have perpetuated if not firmly entrenched public unions.

I give Trump a C+ in execution but an F in style. It's the execution that matters most. Before the North Korea victory, I would have given him a D+ or C- at best. If we could undo trade, I would rate Trump much higher.

If my assessment is accurate, Hillary would have gotten a D- in execution but possibly a B- in style. Lebel it diplomatic bullshit.


Hey Mish,

Thanks for your reply

I specifically said that I didn't want to get into 'What ifs' with Hilary because that's just purely speculation and assumptions. We can't know so let's stick to what we do know and that's the current administration. .

North Korea would be a win if it happens but still too early to judge it as a win so we will have to wait and see.

Leaving the Iran deal coupled with pissing off our allies should be interesting but it seems that he's just doing good by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Appointment of the supreme court, sure. What about the appointment of anybody else in his administration? Most of his staff have left? We have one of the biggest hawks in charge of the state department and another as the National Security adviser?

Let's talk about the tax cuts and increasing the deficit

What about all the lies and completely abandonment of fact?

Are you a fan of all the deregulation whether it be for wall street or for EPA?

And my ultimate question which has not been answered from the original post. Are Americans better off with Trump at the helm?

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


"Are Americans better off with Trump at the helm?" It makes more sense to answer this question in terms of the alternative choice. Better off than what? Real incomes have been declining or stagnant for years. Want to blame Trump? That's what you are attempting to do. Let me answer it this way: Was Trump a disappointment? Yes. Would I vote for him again over Hillary? Yes. Are people better off? That is an individual decision. But I strongly suspect Democrats would say no and Republicans yes.

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