RP McMurphy

I have been pontificating on the best form in which to own some gold as the ultimate insurance in retirement accounts. Gold miners seem subject to to many risks in a crisis including liquidity, labor and political instability including nationalization. The prospectus of GLD seems to indicate that the sponsor can do about anything they want including not having any or much physical gold. It would seem that the closed end funds like the Sprott products may be the best choice because there are actual fractional ounces of gold for each outstanding share. In a crisis of confidence in the global monetary system gold will disappear as in "bad money drives out good". One of the only venues for actual physical gold ownership in that circumstance will be something like CEF, PHYS, PSLV and maybe GLD and SLV. It would seem that the potential for a very large premium spike for the Sprott offerings would be likely. Short of opening an IRA that can hold physical gold, this seems to be the least risky and has the added potential of a return greater than on physical gold in hand due to a fear premium. Provided a market is functioning selling would be easier with less slippage. Am I missing something?


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