Mish...Glad to hear your comments again. I too believe we are in a paradigm shift. People that make the right decisions are going to find it easier than those that don't.
For example Cypress banks... Greek crisis... Venezuela....to name a few recent crisis that wiped out many.
I have no Crystal Ball but for sure with fewer and fewer barrels of oil being sold in other than USD... that's for sure is the tell. Rapid change is upon us.
Now what to do?
Mish...Help us with investment advise suggestions...
I've seen this coming... And believe in action not words. Am going to share my plans... actions to maybe motivated help other like-.minded.
Have liquidated assets then rebought to reposition. Sold big house and little business... bought small house in low real estate tax town in no income and no sale tax state. Rent out two bedroom house ...we have the efficiency apartment . This property is a place to stay and a place for inflation protection if that goes wild. Property is income positive.
Secured a small villa on a small safe Caribbean island ... Less than 200 USD per year real estate tax... Growing season and fishing year round. Purchased solar panels for energy production.... Food and energy is where I'm putting most of my eggs . Finishing a boat as a mobile home that is capable of going anywhere... Villa rented to tourists as much as possible...stay on the boat when Villa is rented.
Most of my net worth is consumed but in the next week I'm going to purchase and store with kitco's RCM arrangement in a separate designated account half a dozen rhodium, gold and 500 ounces of silver. Bought 100 shares of BP and XOM... Bought 800 shares of Hive as a high risk... High reward flyer.
Any suggestions on what to do with my last 15 k reserve.???
My wife started her social security last year ... Me next month. For the present..... With our lifestyle ...all expenses are covered by the social security payments ... Rental profits will be used for property improvements and micro business ventures.
If you wish to share experiences or ideas....help each other... My email ....... Hydro rescue at that ya hoot thing.... All one word of course.
Good luck... God Bless

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