Mish, I'm very much in the same experiential boat with you re not chasing the market. I mean, just think what would have happened had we gone all-in back when you posted the "sidelines dad" article. Would have probably only doubled my money. My problem is that I remember 2001 very clearly, a time when my greed and belief in the tech stocks would not let me sell. Do you have a gut feeling by now as for how far the equities mania might go in those select high-flyers?

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We are in a run up portion of the bubble. As long as there is nearly free money from central banks, I don't expect stocks or bonds to fare badly. In 2019 bonds and stocks both had double digit returns. My 80/20 portfolio returned in the mid teens. The liquidity doesn't seem to bother anyone. I predict rates will go lower this year because the larger the debt/deficit, the more the Fed will have to lower rates and perform more QE.

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