Mish, I wrote you back on 9/11/2016 concerning Goldmoney, asking if it could end up being another MF Global.

Here is your response (9/11/16):
"I do not believe that scenario can happen.
The bylaws do not permit that.
Similar scenarios applies to any form of gold ownership

What are the odds GLD is not really backed by physical gold?
What are the odds on Bullion Vault?
What are the odds gold would be stolen from your house?
How much does it cost to insure gold in your home?
What are the risks by insuring it, that someone knows you have it?

Avoiding all risk is impossible.
I have complete faith in Gold Money and Bitgold."

At the time I had not funded my Goldmoney account. Per your positive rec, I have since invested almost US$21,000 with Goldmoney. But after reading their own community bulletin board (membership required), and looking at other blogs (i.e. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.goldmoney.com), they are all "negative" particularly, per their nearly non-existent customer service and they have no phone number. Everything about their "service" appeals to me. There are so much "fake" coins & bullion (even fake PCGS & NGC coins) out there, I don't even want to buy physical gold. Other blogs, say that as a "stock", Goldmoney (XAU.V) is a "loser", because it can't make much on people who "buy-and-hold". Once again, Goldmoney is making me apprehensive about continuing with them. What say you?