Mish, Love to have your thoughts on Bloomberg's Greenwood Initiative....When I first read about it I thought he was going to spend $50b of his money, now I guess he wants to spend my money............How can us little people boycott him?

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I read the proposal. It was vague. He wants to offer credits for low income communities to trade in their gas cars. He doesn't address rare earth minerals or what I think is the critical piece, establishing a network of electric fueling stations. Electric cars are going to happen. Given what Tesla is doing along with the rest of the auto industry I think we might get there without government help. Government rules or incentives pushing for refueling stations to me would be the best way government can speed up the inevitable.


(Financial Times) -- Cruise, the self-driving unit of General Motors, unveiled its first autonomous electric vehicle, claiming it could be built “at roughly half the cost” of a conventional car.

Now this is interesting. I would be shocked if G.M. wins the race on electric but the fact the cost of the vehicle dropped by 50% is jaw dropping

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