There are technical innaccuracies in your description of how MCAS works. It does not act on the control column. It acts on the entire horizontal stabilizer which is what makes the Max a deadly aircraft to fly. My view of this catastrophe is that pilots and air carriers were the major contributors to the unsafe operation of the Max. For the crews that have survived their respective Max 8 missions by shutting off trim at the pedestal, my question to you is since when is moving a switch guard in flight a normal operation? How can you walk away from a flight after stick shaker and disagree lights were on the entire time and just log it as a routine fail? Granted you are the best pilots in the industry, but you have succumb to "expert commplacentcy" and by doing so allowed an unairworthy aircraft to remain in service. Now if you had declared the aircraft unairworthy it would not have been received well by your company and you would be damaging your career which I totally get. So it was this deadly systemic balance between broken airplanes and elite crews that kept the Max flying when it should not have been. I'm hoping the final recommendation includes a full CRM review because had pilots been able to refuse to fly the plane without fear of retaliation, lives would have been saved.


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