Who will protect the world from Trump? I think Trump is a breath of fresh air after the stink of appeaser Obama with his 8 hollow red lines. The progressives and their MSM allies cannot stand Trump is making accomplishments after 8 years of do nothing Obama. Obama, are you going to offer Iran another 400 million ransom delivered in the middle of the night? Putin also misses Obama. It was so easy for Putin to slap gutless Obama around. The better question is America is better with Trump protecting us from 8 years of inept Obama.

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The comparison with Obama is backward-looking and meaningless. My concern is that every President ends up waging wars, and that makes comparisons a waste of energy. The're all the same when it comes to stopping conflict around the world. The President of the US is impotent in the face of the power of the system which controls the mightiest army in the world. That similarity of outcome is what taints all the presidents without fail. Our main focus should be limiting the shadow puppeteers if we want to end war. The president of the day breaks campaign promises with regularity. So the world no longer has confidence in the US system and structure of government. The world needs a change of policy direction not a new face on TV every 4 to 8 years.

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