67 Labour Party Members Attack Corbyn's Anti-Jewish Leadership in Newspaper Ad


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is reeling from an ad by members of his own party accusing him of being anti-Jewish.

The Telegraph reports Labour peers take out newspaper advert to tell Corbyn he is 'failing the test of leadership'.

The full page advert, published in The Guardian on Wednesday, criticises Mr Corbyn for a "toxic culture you have allowed to divide our movement", saying it has prompted the resignation of "thousands" of members.

The party, it says, is no longer a "safe place" for its members and supporters.

"We are saying you are accountable as Leader for allowing antisemitism to grow in our party and presiding over the most shaming period in Labour's history," it adds.

The advert is supported by a total of 67 Labour members of the House of Lords, including Peter Hain, Peter Mandelson and Robert Winston, and comes after a damning report by BBC's Panorama programme into the party's handling of allegations of anti-Semitism.

The peers also accuse Mr Corbyn of not having "opened (his) eyes" or "accepted responsibility" for the row which has engulfed the party.

More Labour Splintering

The timing of this attack could not come at a worse time for Corbyn or a better time for Johnson.

Corbyn was already reeling from wishy-washy policy that simultaneously supported Brexit, a referendum, Remain, and a customs union.

Obviously, that's impossible.

'Inevitable' Labour MPs Will Try To Oust Corbyn Over Anti-Semitism

The Huffington Post reports 'Inevitable' Labour MPs Will Try To Oust Corbyn Over Anti-Semitism

“If he doesn’t resign, there will be a clamour for a vote of no-confidence.”

A vote of no-confidence by MPs would be largely symbolic because Labour’s leader is elected by members and not parliamentarians.

MPs can, however, trigger a leadership contest if 20% of MPs - or 49 of them nominate an alternative challenger.

MPs have stepped up criticism of the leader in the wake of a BBC Panorama probe which detailed shocking complaints of anti-Semitism, interviewed former staff members turned whistleblowers and alleged political interference from Corbyn’s communications chief Seumas Milne.

Boris Johnson the Primary Beneficiary

Boris Johnson, the UK's next Prime Minister is the primary beneficiary.

The Liberal Democrats are the secondary beneficiary

Meanwhile, how long can Corbyn hang on as Labour leader?

This looms as a key question in the next election.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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What, exactly, were the "anti-Semitic" events that happened?

Typically, when they are not describe in full detail, there is something getting blown way, way, way out of proportion.

For an example - a High School in which I was well familiar with and had many friends teaching had a report come out with a newspaper headlines stating "95% of all teachers at XX High School had been sexual assaulted or sexually harassed."

I was shocked. Of course, there were no details on the alleged nature of the sexual assaults in the article.

After much digging, I finally got a full copy of the report. Nearly all of the "sexual assaults or sexual harassment" events were from students mooning teachers, and usually from a bus window driving away.

The author of the report just let the teachers define it as they wished as they were looking for the exact headline as was published. And the newspapers used it for a propaganda headline.


Anti zionist and anti Jewish are 2 totally different things.


How can some be a Labour member of the House of Lords? I mean, if you're a lord, for fuck's sake, why would you support a party tied to trade unions and dedicated to nationalizing everything that doesn't move?


as has been discussed these anti-semitism issues have been going on for 3 years. anti-semitism has been a serious problem in the u.k. for centuries. if corbyn isn't up to the job of tackling it then he needs to go


The label of anti-Semitism would mean a lot more had it not been misused to tar anyone who disagrees with US foreign policy. Being opposed to the Afghan, Iraq, and Syria wars (and a potential Iran war) is enough to cast suspicion on anyone.

Also legislation like the ridiculous Texas anti-boycott law does not help the cause of Israel. I get the desire to avoid persecution, but even the thickest supporter has to realize by now that FORCING people to support Israel will only push people away, as will hysterically denouncing anyone who doesn't support endless war in the Middle East.