AfD Might Win Two German State Elections, Saxony and Brandenburg, on September 1


State elections in the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony are on September 1. AfD could win both of them.

The anti-immigration, anti-euro AfD party took the lead in Brandenburg in three of the last five polls in Brandenburg and is within striking distance in Saxony.

Brandenburg Polls

Saxony Polls

CDU pulled ahead in the tow most recent polls but with so many parties in play, the results are within the margin of error of an AfD win.

The Local asks Could the far-right AfD really win in upcoming German state elections?

All eyes are on eastern Germany as elections take place in Saxony and Brandenburg on Sunday, September 1st.

And, for the first time in German history, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) could win in state elections – and make it extremely difficult for the established parties to form a government.

The elections will also send shockwaves to Berlin where the so-called grand coalition between Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) is already on shaky grounds.

Brandenburg's government is currently run by a coalition between the SPD and The Left, who have governed together since 2009, with Dietmar Woidke from the Social Democrats as state premier.

Parties have said they will not work with the AfD, so after the vote they will be scrambling around to try and form a coalition that would stop the group from coming to power.

The AfD in Brandenburg is making waves over their use of campaign posters – not for the first time. For this election, the slogan is "Wende 2.0". Wende (turnaround) describes the period of political change when the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was reunified. Many have slammed the party for appropriating German history for their own gain.

With slogans such as "Vollende die Wende" (complete the turnaround), the party is implying that if voters opt for them, they can finish the work of those who led the Peaceful Revolution.

The AfD has also been slammed for displaying former SPD Chancellor Willy Brandt on its electoral campaign posters.

The posters show Brandt captioned with his quote: "Dare to be more democratic!" Underneath the caption is the AfD's logo alongside "Vote for the AfD!" and "We're writing history!"

Choking on More Europe

Even Germany is choking on more Europe.

It't going to take a strange coalition to form a majority after the next election.

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Not just Germany. People are fed up with the whole forced "immigration" business. And rightly so. In my country the cost varies but is around 2-3 times more than we spend on road infrastructure. Now more taxes are needed to keep up this madness. As anyone, I can't say when this ends but ens it will sooner or later and the results will be less desirable.


A whole lot of somebodies are going to have their leiderhosen in a bunch after the September 1 elections.


Does Merkel get to keep her pool boy (Macron)?


"... anti Immigration, anti EU.....!!! Did it ever occur to the Media to be truthful and define AfD as pro Germany? Really folks, the world wide liberal bias in the media is sick.


The main animus carrying the Brexit vote was anti-immigration. People are talking anti-immigration/anti-EU as though it were some kind of hendiadys -- it's not. Anti-immigration seems radical, but that's on account of the elite, the MSM, and the political correctness dictatorship -- for voters not so much ... most voters just do not see why we have to absorb more and more unskilled young men and family/village reunions that are destroying the social fabric and the social safety net. There are at least 400 million people in India too poor to even be knocking at the door of Europe -- the problem is infinite, and the more we admit, the more will be knocking at the door. We have known for 30 years that "asylum" and "refugee" are just BS gaming of a system that was never intended to be used at is now is .. high time to change the treaties, laws, and procedures. It is not only the EU that needs democratic reform, the same is true of the ruling elites in most individual Western countries. This racism cudgel is going to have terrible consequences.

Were it not for the anti-immigration sentiment, views about the EU would be far more moderate and reasoned.


Gee, it's time to pop open a bottle of Rotkäppchen, chow down on some Thüringer Roster and Spreewalder Gurken, and party like its 1989.


This will only matter when AfD polls at 50+ percent. All establishment parties will declare they will rather partner with devil than AfD. The social conditioning is deep.

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