And in other news Trump decides to "regulate" drug prices (Medicare pays). The irony is that he is using ACA to do that:

"Mr. Trump has the authority to use the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation created by the Affordable Care Act to implement the proposal."

So I guess Trump will come out and say hes is doing this thanks to Obamacare LOL. Honestly when Trump won I new he and his supporters will become and endless source of comedy. This guy is more lefty than the lefties on the other side of the aisle ... the irony

No. 1-1

"A new government study found that Medicare is paying 80 percent more tha other countries for drugs,...."

So Trump figured: Hey why not make sure they pay 80% more for steel as well??

Free trade would cure both those anomalies.

If anyone can buy anything from anyone for whatever the two agree to, noone pays more than anyone else for drugs. Solved.

It really is exactly that easy. Kind of puts the intelligence of the idiots bending over backwards trying to wrap their chicken brains around why drugs are so expensive, in a proper context, doesn't it.....