Another Undeclared War: Trump Threatens Full Naval Blockade of Venezuela


Here we go again. More military interventionism. The threat this time is a complete blockade of Venezuela.

A Trump administration official says U.S. Headed Toward Blockade of Venezuela.

Donald Trump is serious about a possible U.S. blockade of Venezuela, a senior administration official said Friday, saying that the country’s president Nicolas Maduro has a short window to voluntarily leave power.

Trump told reporters on Thursday that he was considering a blockade or quarantine of the Latin American country, where the U.S. has been trying for months to unseat Maduro. He didn’t elaborate.

But the official said Trump’s statement should be taken seriously and is the direction U.S. policy is headed with regard to Venezuela. The official asked not to be identified as a condition of participation in a briefing for reporters.

Maduro Not a Good Guy

OK, Maduro is not a good guy. Neither are Putin, or Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the king of Saudi Arabia, or dozens of other global leaders.

Recall that US cozied up to Sadaam Hussein and Bin Laden on the idiotic policy the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

War Threatened

Since when does not being a good guy require war?

Make no mistake, a naval blockade is war. And isn't Congress supposed to declare war?

End the Wars and the Warmongering

We should pull all of our troops home, let Europe and Japan defend themselves, and in general mind our own damn business.

The US and the rest of the world would be better off if the stopped being the world's policeman.

If the EU is worried about Russia, let the EU defend itself.

Our military budget is insane because of insane policies.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The US is not the ´Good Guy’. The US has hundreds of military bases all over the world. The US interferes in the affairs of other countries, attempts to overthrow governments, and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent women and children every year. Trump is just the latest warmonger in chief. Worse yet, he befriends tyrants in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, etc, and even defends them after they kill American citizens. America is becoming the #1 shithole country in the world under Trump.


Anyone paying attention knew we wouldn't stop after the Guaido fiasco. You don't appoint a neocon like Abrams to be "special representative" to a country if you intend to build peaceful relations with them.

This Venezuela saga will be an ongoing headache for Trump supporters for multiple reasons. It makes him look like a warmonger, it runs contrary to his campaign, regime changes are exorbitantly expensive, and worst of all it makes Ilhan Omar look good for publicly criticizing the Abrams appointment.

Candidate Trump, we hardly knew ye.


Unfortunately, the Democrat's goat rodeo of far leftist candidates virtually guarantees Trump's re-election...baring a depression beginning now and lasting through next November.

It's virtually impossible to dislodge an incumbent president in this country. Slick Willie Clinton did it last with help from both a recession and Ross Perot's quixotic campaign siphoning off 19% of Bush senior's voters. In fact, Clinton took office in the second quarter of the Bush recovery.

The Democrats are busily gearing up for a redo of 1968 when national reaction to their Chicago riots led directly to election of Richard Nixon.


Wow. All these comments calling Trump a "warmonger" when he has yet to actually start a single war?

And these same folks who just gushed and loved obama - when he started wars in Syria and Libya and sent 100,000 troops to Afghanistan in his failed "surge." And not a single word in criticism.

And obama actually said "I am pretty good at killing people." Good thing he had that Nobel Peace Prize or we would have really been in trouble.

And Hillary wanted a war with Russia (and still wants one - along with most of the democrat presidential candidates). Hillary also voted for the War in Iraq when she was a senator. So did Biden.

Gosh - Trump is looking like the least warmonger of the pack.


Just to be clear, I don't view The Donald as a warmonger, so much as just another megalomaniac who finds it impossible to prevent a thought arising in his brain from escaping in near-real time to Twitter. Not the way to conduct foreign policy; it's not a reality game, but real people can get killed if we keep it up.