Anything Congress Can Do, Trump Can Do Better

Concern over tariffs erupted in Congress today. Republicans are openly feuding with Trump. I offer a musical tribute.

Yesterday, Trump imposed tariffs on another $200 billion of goods from China. Today Republican infighting broke out.

Please consider Senate Takes Step to Assert Power on Trade.

Senators voted Wednesday, 88-11, to instruct the lawmakers appointed to iron out differences with the House over a spending bill to also insert a provision giving a role to Congress when the executive branch decides to impose tariffs on the basis of national-security concerns.

“We have to rein in an abuse of presidential authority and to restore Congress’s constitutional authority in this regard,” said Sen. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.), one of the authors of the measure.

Mr. Trump has privately expressed frustration over Congress’s ability to limit or override the power of the White House on national-security matters, saying that it has complicated efforts to exert what he deems as necessary pressure on U.S. allies—particularly those in Europe. Three people familiar with the details of these conversations said the president complained last year when Congress urged him to back a tough new sanctions bill that included proposed measures targeting Russia.

The president eventually signed the Russia sanctions bill but insisted in a statement that: “As president, I can make far better deals with foreign countries than Congress.

Non-binding Vote

The Senate vote is non-binding. The House needs to put similar language into a bill and have the president sign it to take effect.

No president ever signs a bill that limits his power.

Besides, Trump knows full well that anything Congress can do, he can do better.

Trump, Get Your Gun

Just remember: No one can do anything better than Trump.

As "proof", note that BMW is moving some South Carolina production to China and Tesla is doing the same.

US car prices will go up by as much as $6,000 per car.

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We call these things, "winning".

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Comments (17)

Well congress finally realizes they are feckless. I guess they are victims of their own laws they passed. Over the years they have legislated/abrogated much of their powers to other branches of government. Look at the inability to reign in the deep state as an example. Now they don't have a mechanism to repeal those laws unless, as Mish has stated, the executive branch signs off . danger will robinson ! Is their any precedent that will allow voiding a bad law without presidential sign off? The chickens have come home to roost. Remember the legislative branch is our conduit for expression.


Personally, I will stop laughing at Congress when they pass a real budget -- one that makes the hard decisions and lives within the government income. It is no wonder that Congress gets slightly less respect in polls than used car dealers. Our Political Class is an incompetent joke.


The lack of discipline means Congress is working hand in glove with our Fed overlords. Why limit ourselves?

While we're on the subject, would also be nice if Trump stopped signing the (omnibus) junk Congress hands to him.