AOC "New Green Deal" Stunningly Absurd: Far More Ridiculous Than Expected


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) released her bill for a "Green New Deal". It's stunningly absurd.

Today AOC released her New Green Deal Proposal.

It's a wish list of socialist and green ideas, most of which are obviously absurd to all but the most economically clueless persons.

It has zero chance of passage and it's nonbinding, but here are some of the key ideas.

  1. Upgrade all existing buildings in the US
  2. 100% clean power
  3. Support family farms
  4. Universal access to healthy food
  5. Zero-emission vehicle infrastructure
  6. Remove greenhouse gasses form the atmosphere
  7. Eliminate unfair competition
  8. Affordable access to electricity
  9. Create high-quality union jobs that pay prevailing wages
  10. Guaranteeing a job with a family sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to all people of the United States

Here are a couple of comments from Twitter.

Fyre Festival of Legislative Proposals

As Bad as Expected

No, it was far worse. Perhaps Heritage is more imaginative than I am.

Revenge of the Millennials

Bloomberg writer Karl W. Smith calls it Revenge of the Millennials

Almost every major new economic initiative proposed by Democrats — the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, debt-free college — has a common feature: Unlike most current social programs, it would benefit younger Americans at the expense of older Americans.

Now, finally, it seems that they have had enough. They want to use fiscal policy to help repair the damage wrought by monetary policy. This isn’t necessarily the way I would address the issue; I would argue for fixing monetary policy instead of spending vast additional sums to support a new suite of government entitlements. I am certainly sympathetic, however, to those who think otherwise.

Smith is mistaken. This proposal sounds just like the lofty socialist goals of Castro, Chavez, Maduro, and Mugabe (Cuba, Venezuela, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe).

Implementing AOC's plan would do just what Stukey suggested to which I add:

If someone blows off your left arm with a shotgun, it's best not to blow your right arm off as "revenge".

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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  1. Entertain the constituency to keep the circus going while 1-10 fail to materialize.

Everything's a creepy carnival these days. AOC clears tables for a living but is turned into a superstar by a corporate media conspiracy to create the next BHO. Typical that AOC and BHO are both hollow empty shells to be filled with whatever excrement their owners desire. As for the G.N.D., it is cartoonish and clearly used to dupe the DNC's own followers, much in the way the GOP duped their followers by endlessly chanting "reduce the size and scope of government" while expanding it. Dupes are dupes. Still, the G.N.D. will die a quick death because people don't care about policy anymore, only personality. But honestly: who has more personality than DJT?


You have to relate and empathize if you're going to get anywhere in national politics today. Pick a large group with real or imagined gripes and grievances and feel their pain.

AOC's on it. She's picked the millennial living in mom and dad's basement, saddled with their portion of $1.4 Trillion in college debt, and suffering from TDS and Hillary withdrawal.

Her "plan" looks suspiciously like Huey Long's February, 1934 "share the wealth" screech. In fact, if you inflate Huey's $2,000 guaranteed income offering by 3.55% annual inflation for the 84 years, it's now $37,466.

Said differently, our friendly politicians have destroyed 94.7% of the dollar's purchasing power in only 84 years...because we've let them, while waiting for the socialist Godot to arrive. Here she is.


At least we are discussing something other than a stupid wall. At least it is not a tax cut ("reform", my ass} that benefits only very high income earners (aka, rich people). Yes, it is naïve. But, it is about moving forward towards solutions for our problems.


Hummm, considering that solar and wind power devices cannot be manufactured with wind or solar power, we have a problem Houston. Let alone the fact that wind and solar currently contribute maybe 1% of global energy needs. Energy, not just electricity.

I particularly chuckled on the transoceanic train idea.

Back to your caves people ;-)

Supplimental item I remembered from a while back.