As our national debt rapidly approaches 23 trillion dollars nothing is as sobering as looking at the National Debt Clock. At one time a billion dollars was a massive amount of money and it still is. Considering how modern media and politicians throw the "B" word around most people no longer see this as the enormous sum it represents.

Making the ugly math simple so we can understand how it interrelates with our debt is no easy task. Every 1 billion dollars spent by our government represents an outlay of roughly $3 for every person in America. More on this subject in the article below.

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Country Bob
Country Bob

A nation that expects to get something for nothing (or demands the other guy pay for it, which is the same thing) is going to go bankrupt.

A nation that minimalizes math class in favor of gender normative studies is not going to be able to balance its checkbook, and will go bankrupt.

Cue the morons saying they don't need to be able to balance their check book, because the infallible bank computer never lets them borrow more than they are able to pay back