Automatic Voter Registration: Democracy Served or Illegal Alien Scam?

The State of Washington just passed automatic voter registration for citizens applying for a driver's license.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D), just signed a Universal Voter Registration Law.

The most consequential measure is one that would require the state Department of Licensing to automatically register citizens obtaining a state driver’s license or identification card to vote.

Oregon, the first state to automatically register voters, added nearly a quarter-million new voters to its rolls in just the first year the program began operating back in 2015. California estimates it will add as many as 6.6 million new voters under its own plan, adopted a few months after Oregon.

Democracy is served when more people participate,” Inslee said at the bill-signing ceremony at a Seattle-area high school.

Justice Served?

  • One does not have to be a US citizen to obtain a drivers license.
  • Any system that does not require proof of citizenship is unconstitutional.
  • Justice is not served when illegal aliens can vote.

Three Questions

  1. If someone does not want to bother to register, is justice served when they vote?
  2. What mechanisms are in place to ensure that US citizens, and only US citizens, are automatically registered.
  3. Assuming there is a reasonable answer to question two, what's the cost of this verification?


I received several comments along these lines:

The Hill article on the bill signed by Gov. Inslee is misleading. The automatic voter registration will be for those who have enhanced driver's licenses, which are issued only after citizenship has been proved.

I am actually quite leary of "The Hill". I strive not to link to them for these kinds of reasons.

I worded my questions the way I did, on purpose, because much of the time The Hill is nothing but clickbait.

That said, all three of my questions are still valid.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-25

In the olden days, if one didn't pay poll tax, they couldn't vote. In the present day, if one cannot afford to pay for the ID and an ID is required, they can't vote. Any reasonable person will say that what we have now is a modern-day version of the same old poll tax. Since you are not a reasonable person, I don't expect you to agree with that.


" Frankly, the practice amounts to a modern day poll tax. " Frankly, that is false.


Then, there is that pesky 10th amendment, that gives States the right to legislate election law.


Elections are as rigged as the Markets. Deal with it. Hell, the Fed can even sway votes by loosening or tightening going into elections. Let alone K Street "financing" operations. Add to this Media influence, busing to polls, stuffed ballot boxes, absentee ballots sent to Mexico, PAC's, hanging chad's, duplicate registrations, and ? Right! Motor Voter laws. Because, you see, driving is a privilege, not a right,,,oh, wait?


See the article. "My grandparents worked hard to save enough money to pay their poll tax of one dollar and seventy-five cents - the equivalent of $36.16 today. .... Voters must now effectively pay at least $20 to $50 dollars before they can obtain an ID, register to vote, and then present that ID to cast their ballot. Frankly, the practice amounts to a modern day poll tax. "